About GuruPool

GuruPool is a Play to Earn Online Multiplayer Pool Game, which enables people make real money while playing pool with other people online.

How GuruPool Works

Once you download the game, you register your details through a signup form. On signing up, the game will redirect you to the Menu Page. Click the Buy Coins buttons to purchase your preferred bundle of game coins (see Pricing page to see prices of bundles) to be able to participate in realtime multiplayer matches. Then click on Play Button which will direct you to 5 rooms with various entry fees. Once you enter a room, the game matches you with random available players. Once a player has been matched with you, the entry fees are summed up and the winner of the match is paid 80% of the summed up entry fees while 20% is charged as table fees by GuruPool.

GuruPool Rooms

RoomEntry FeePrize


To withdraw, you need to have accumulated a minimum of 500 coins, whereby the value of 1 coin is equals to 0.01 USD. Once you have accumulated 500 coins, click on the Withdraw button on the menu page and you will be redirected to a Withdrawal form page. Payments are made through our partners Chimoney within 24 hours from the time of sending withdrawal request.